Baichung Bhutia is a traitor: Syed Nayeemuddin


The day when all the football lovers of India are saddened with the retirement of the iconic Baichung Bhutia, his former coach Syed Nayeemuddin has set off a new controversy by making a major revelation.

In the match against Yemen in 2006, Baichung had conspired along with 6-8 players to lose the match

The Dronacharya awardee further claimed that there was a secret meeting called by the then India captain Baichung where they planned the whole conspiracy.

Baichung had called a secret meeting with the players prior to the match. There should be a CBI inquiry as to what was happening in that meeting. Its a case of treason. if the CBI doesn’t find any wrongdoing, then hang me.

Nayeem also doesn’t agree that Baichung should be called the icon of Indian Football.

How can a traitor be called an icon? I would place I M Vijayan much ahead of him.

Do the readers even slightly agree with Nayeem? Is it possible at all that Baichung conspired against his own country? Or is it that Nayeem holds a grudge because he lost the job after this match?


  1. He’s a bigger traitor, his coaching took India football to the Dark Ages … Simply trying to cash in on unethical media attention.

  2. Even if Bhaichung is found guilty by CBI, Nayeemuddin would be the 53rd people in line to be hanged by the Indian Govt after Kashyab. So before his turn comes he will surely die a natural death.
    So Nayeemuddin, no need of inquiry, you die your natural death.

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