Youth Player Focus – Karan Sawhney


A fighter, achiever and not to forget a veteran in his field, Here i am talking about a dear friend and superlative forward ‘Karan Sawhney’. 19 year old lad has represented football at all levels, from School to National, playing football in TFA (Tata Football Academy) he kept aside some time out with me to share his journey, experience and grievance in the field of Football.

Karan, when did you enter the world of football?

“I was 8 years old and entered the football field for the first time. The passion and the love for the beautiful game (football) drove me towards taking it as a profession. I had made up my mind then.”

Briefly, tell us about your achievements…

“I have played for the national team. I was the youngest player to play the super league in mumbai, have captained Maharashtra under 16. Apart, from all this I am the only Indian to score against Inter Milan’s Under 18 side.”

Wow… Not many of us know about this. As much as i remember Inter Milan were crowned UCL Champions by then… Can you talk about that a little more?

“Well, to play against them wasn’t easy. Looking at their strength, mentality and competency i never thought we would put a tough fight. Nonetheless, was ecstatic to score, the coach of their team did compliment me after the match got over.”

That’s nice… Apart from obviously loving your game, who do you worship and which team are you willingly ready to play for?

“If you ask me, Ronaldo is the best in the business. I am a die-hard fan of Barcelona. I love their gameplay and possession football. I cannot think big as i am yet to be matured enough to play for bigger teams. Starting from a team which offers me first would be my aim but yes who doesn’t want to play for Barca. I am a huge fan of possession football.”

Geared Up for practice session

Karan sorry to take much time of your’s, but being an Indian – your take on football in India?

“Again Himanshu i have read your article before and thoroughly agree with your point of view. We have to expose the game of football more in India. But would also like to add that increase in number of coaches and improved facilities would change the entire football perspective in India. Again a win against Qatar has definitely proved to be a turning point for Indian Football. We think that Indian players lack the stamina and agility but let me tell you WE LACK NOTHING.”

Pic Courtesy : and Karan Sawhney


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