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Home : 23rd June – 7:00 pm (Indian Time)

Live Telecast in Ten Action + and 24 Ghanta (Details and logo below)

Away Leg result : QATAR 3 – 1 INDIA

Article on Away leg game : Indian football continues to frustrate me

Indian Squad : Click here to see the Indian Squad

After a huge gap of almost 5 months, Indian football will, in all probability, be live on  national TV. Indian U23 team is currently in Doha to play their 1st leg of Olympic qualifiers against Qatar. While it was expected that the match will be broadcast in Qatar, the Indian fans were apprehensive whether it will reach their TV sets via any Indian TV channel or not.

Ten Action Plus

Now, it is confirmed that the away match will be live on Ten Action Plus, the new baby of Zee group. The channel has been beaming the promos lately. Ten Action Plus is actually old wine in new bottle. It was formed after dissolving Zee Sports which was struggling as there were no takers for the channel which had no major action on it other than, well, Indian football. Ten Action is now a dedicated football channel which is available on all major digital TV platforms and has gained viewer’s respect after successful broadcast of UEFA Champions League.

Apart from Ten Action +, bengali news channel 24 Ghanta will also telecast the game live. Many fans are not getting Ten Action + through their cable operators, 24 Ghanta can bring relief for them. 24 Ghanta will telecast it with Bengali commentary but might be available to those who are not getting Ten Action +. Please remember the channel logo and make sure you don’t miss the match!

The whole season of I League went without national broadcast. This was not helping the cause of Indian football and it lost the ground that was generated after the Asia Cup 2011. There was an ad-hoc arrangement of telecast as the rights for Kolkata teams’ matches were sold out to local Bengali channel Mohuaa Khobor. Now, there is opportunity. We can let more and more Indians know that we too play football. They need not support Brazil, Argentina or Germany as they have their very own brand new Indian team.


My request to all the readers, please share this link on FB pages, groups, twitter and wherever possible to let others know that Indian football is on TV. Talk about it among your friends, invite some of them over to your house for the match. If each of us can bring one new fan fan for Indian football, it would be a 100% jump in the fan base!!


By the way, according to a fellow Indian Football Forum member suneer_k,

Hi All. 

You can watch Live Olympic QLY India Vs Qatar in the below link

It is a Qatar Football TV Channel. Enjoy!!!!

I will try to find any live stream links for Ten Action Plus and post it on the forum. To join fellow Indian football fans and discuss Indian football, register on the forum.

Indian Football Network and its members are updating and discussing about the match here : 2012 Olympic Qualifiers


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  1. Exciting news for Indian football fans! 🇮🇳⚽ The India vs. Qatar match will be live on Ten Action Plus and 24 Ghanta. Let’s spread the word and support our team! 💪📺 #BackTheBlue

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  4. Good news. This is something of a nessecity if football has to grow in India. Sadly AIFF isn’t doing much for publicity, even though we have powerful minister in charge now and even more powerful before.

    • northeast players best publicity in TV importent now a days so sports minister take charge about publicity on TV or NEWSPAPPER

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