Why FC Bardez won’t make it to the I-league




So the meeting of the committee that would evaluate the three bids for the direct entries is going on. Bardez, Chennai City and Minerva are in the fray. One of the biggest criteria is the bank guarantee and the financial soundness of the promoters of the new teams.

Well if the AIFF really maintains he sanctity of this financial stipulation then Bardez FC would most likely not be a part of the I-League. It has been reported that the promoter of Bardez FC is Sydney Lemos the owner of FC Prime Markets that was last year the principal sponsors of FC Goa. Sydney runs a forex scheme in Dubai that has allegedly run into serious trouble. Allegations suggest that Sydney’s passport has been impounded by the UAE police and his bank account id frozen he cannot travel outside Dubai. That explains why he hasn’t yet come for any of the matches of FC Bardez in this years Goa Professional League. Rumor has it that Sydney initially transferred 1.5 Cr to a bank account n Goa to meet their entire expenses for the team for this season Goa League. No more money has come. While this 1.5 Cr would be more than enough for the Goa League he would need three times more should he play in the I-League.

However knowing how desperate AIFF is to find a team in Goa one wouldnt be surprised.




(this article is written by our forum member @lokeshchandraindia its edited and posted by @mohammed87_hassan)