Delhi Dynamos Responds to Bengaluru FC Controversy: And Its Detailed!


The controversy regarding Robin Singh and the alleged tussle between the two parties has escalated to the point that Delhi Dynamos have officially released press statement regardng the same.

They allege Bengaluru FC for the breach of contract and not going by the rule books. Here is the detailed statement from Delhi Dynamos

This is with reference to news articles on the alleged tussle between Delhi Dynamos FC and Bengaluru FC over the former’s striker Robin Singh. As a responsible club, which is committed towards development of football in the country, we believe that we must clear our stand on this issue. Kindly find below a detailed statement explaining our viewpoint:

1. Bengaluru FC wrongfully contacted our player without any written agreement for Robin Singh to join the pre-season camp, right after Delhi Dynamos’ semi-final’s 2nd Leg against FC Goa in Goa on the 16th of December. The same was done without any prior notice or any intimation to our club Delhi Dynamos. 

2. Robin Singh is a Delhi Dynamos F.C. player and DDFC as a club gives utmost importance towards the future and fitness of our players, and commercial aspects of loaning players is the least of our concerns. Robin was  & is more interested in joining an international Club, so we had to wait to explore the best possibility for him as a Player can be loaned only once in a single FIFA transfer window. 

3. Robin Singh has shown us interest to be transferred to an International club, for which the club has contacted the clubs in Australia, New Zealand and Scandinavia. A positive and interested response has been received from the clubs in Australia, New Zealand and Scandinavian Clubs. 

4. Delhi Dynamos never entered into any agreement with Bengaluru FC to release Robin Singh for any post-season/pre-season camp. Ideally any official Football club should wait for a written agreement of transfer before contacting and taking a player from its Parent Club. 

5. Bengaluru FC did not provide Robin Singh with any Insurance on joining the pre-season, nor did they provide him with a formal agreement for transfer. Neither did they follow into any agreement with DDFC for such matter. 

6. There was communication by Bengaluru FC to AIFF that Robin Singh will be late to join the national camp without consulting from the parent club Delhi Dynamos F.C. 

7. Robin Singh mentioned Delhi dynamos FC that Bengaluru FC had told him that if he doesn’t join them for pre season he will miss his only chance to play for Bengaluru FC in 2016

8. Bengaluru FC had no consideration towards the player, as known Robin Singh has suffered an unfortunate injury during the SAFF Cup, In the absence of an Insurance before releasing Singh to the national camp, it’s a great set back to the player and Delhi Dynamos. 

9. DDFC is willing to go to the highest level against Bengaluru FC for such unprofessional andnegligent behaviour towards our player Robin Singh and Delhi Dynamos FC. Bengaluru FC hasclearly breached FIFA norms. We would like to resolve this in the utmost professional mannerism and make sure such an incident is never repeated by any club.


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