SAFF Cup 2013 Final: India vs Afghanistan Live Streaming


In a repeat of the 2011 SAFF Cup final, the same two teams India and Afghanistan are going to face off in the final of the SAFF Cup 2013 Championship.

Watch India vs Afghanistan SAFF Cup 2013 live streaming free on IFN. The 2011 final was very competetive until the Afghan goalie abused and punched the referee inviting a red card. India pumped 4 goals following that in a short period to come victorious.

Afghanistan have revenge in mind and they believe that the referee had been unfair and the goalkeeper should not have been red-carded for wrestling in the football field.

Indian camp on the other hand are focused on approaching the match with the right attitude. Sunil Chhetri will be back in the team.

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  1. Somesh Upadhyay LOL why are you mad? if the goalie didnt get a red card 2 year back, this would have been the same story, and I seen the news on tv, not online dumbfuck

  2. I dont care about the abuse and revenge theory…..I support India but I will be happy even if Afghanistan wins the tournament….Football is to Afghanistan what cricket is to India…..these games join all the souls of both countries as one…..Best of Luck India and Afghanistan….may the Best team wins….and this time without any controversies 🙂

  3. Was the author present on the pitch to be able to listen the alleged abuses??This biased article looks like it is from an unprofessional fan pretending to be a football journalist. Anyway we hope we have a neutral ref today so we can witness a fair game. It is an achievement for Afghanistan with all its turmoils, comparatively smaller population and much less resources to be in the final against a country which population wise is 50 times bigger and has more resources. Reaching the final alone is an achievement in itself. May the better team be victorious. And yes, may that be Afghanistan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. haha the information above is completely nonsense, first of all, there was no "PUNCH" or "wrestling" please go have a look and see why the red card was given, then write a paragraph about it, second of all, no one is looking for revenge, the Reff which gave the red card, was suspended for two years, and can not take part in any football games for the next two years. this is a fact please search it up online. thanks

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