Indian Football: I-league will have its own website


The premier Indian Football League known as I-league will get its own dedicated website from 2012-13 season onwards. The website will have all the informations regarding the league including, matches, schedule, tickets, statistics, match reports etc.

The new website will be launched ahead of the 6th October kick-off of I-league. There were many more important decisions made in the working committee meeting, including:

1. All 4 foreigners will be allowed on the field simultaneously.

2. A player will be suspended for a match only after receiving 4 yellow cards.

3. No more than 5 teams in total from a state can play in I-league and I-league 2nd Division combined.

4. Clubs can replace as their injured players mid-season as many times they want.

5. Clubs seeking to play in I-league 2nd Division will have to perform well in their local league apart from qualifying the criteria.

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