Indian Football slides to all time low in FIFA rankings


In the latest FIFA rankings, Indian football team (Men’s) were ranked 168.  This has been India’s worst ranking since the introduction of FIFA rankings. Previously, India’s lowest ranking was the 165th spot, which they attained in 1997 and also earlier this year.

Teams like Malaysia, Solomon Islands, Nepal, Maldives, Afghanistan, Lesotho are all above India, while Bangladesh is just one position below India. Although India is the SAFF champions, ranking-wise, India is below SAFF teams like Nepal, Maldives and Afghanistan.

This also means that India will start in Nehru Cup 2012, as the lowest ranked team as the opponents – Cameroon (59th), Syria (147th), Nepal (162nd) and Maldives (161st) are all higher ranked than India. This also provides an opportunity for India to earn some ranking points during Nehru Cup.

As of now statistics are showing that India’s rankings have been on the slide and if Indian football don’t do something concrete to improve the situation the future looks bleak for Indian football.

India’s Rankings since 2009. (FIFA.COM)



  1. THere are many good players in india but in India you are not allowed to play after 9 standard. We are forced by the society for studies stuff. Likewise me, I played till lastyear, when I was in 10. It was bcz my parents supported me. & its a TOTALLY NEW thing in india. And the biggest problem is that,””WE DONT HAVE GOOD CLUB AND TRAINER””.

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