The toppers of group A are going to meet agains. But this time stakes are much higher. India play Afghanistan today in the final match of SAFF Championship 2011 at 6 pm IST in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi.

In their first encounter, Afghanistan snatched a draw from India. They kept frustrating India throughout the match and hardly gave any chances or openings. From their, Afghanistan went on to thrash Bhutan by a record 8-1 margin. Not only that, they beat Nepal in the semi-final and for the first time in the history of SAFF Cup, they entered the final.

SAFF Championship 2011 Final
Climax Lawrence and Haroon Fajruddin before the final match

India having faltered in the 1st match itself needed only one match against Bhutan to come back strong. The football they played in Sri Lanka and Maldives match was top class. They have created multiple chances so far and scored from only a fraction of them. Sunil Chhetri is in top form after Rangers FC trial. Having scored 6 goals, he is in contention with Afghanistan’s Belal Arezou for the highest scorer title. Meanwhile, India coach Savio Medeira has analyzed the Afghanistan vs India match video and found the lapses in Indian game. He identified 3 players as potential threats- Djelaludin Sharityar, Belal Arezou and Haroon Fakruddin. Shartiyar is the one who stopped all the thwarts to their defence while the other two have a sudden burst of speed in them. Belal has already proven himself as a goal-poacher.

India are definetly favourites in the match. But Afghanistan Kargar coach is confident of an upset. He says,

What has happened before is past. There is no need to look back. India is the strongest team in the region. But we have shown that we are no pushovers

India will go with the same line up into the match that has been playin for the last 3 matches

Indian Team Line-Up: Karanjit Singh (GK); Syed  Rahim Nabi, Mahesh Gawli, Gouramangi Singh,  Nirmal Chettri; Clifford  Miranda, Climax Lawrence (C), Rocus Lamare, Anthony Periera, Sunil  Chhetri, Jeje Lalpekhlua

  • Safi_ghafoory

    of the day: Some one asked from Sardar (Sikh) how India can win the
    match against Afghanistan. Sardar Said: if defender fouls the forward we
    should give the red card to the goal keeper……

  • Cukabul


  • International Footballer.

    The Refree is too biased since he is also an  Indian Shame on you its the worst scenario I have ever seen in any games. This is how Football in south Asia Will not Grow.  God Bless you India but this is really unfair to give RED card to the Goal Keeper. I personally wont give any credit for this.

  • Abz

    First of all God bless Afghanistan, and coming to the match let the players decide on the pitch allow all your predictions and stop saying afghanistan will loose. cuz end of the day afghanistan and india have good relations between them so no point for the internet hype. 

    Let the match be the decision maker 
    good luck to both teams 

    who knows the link to watch it online 😉 

  • Aakashdas63

    jai ho india will rock today and win the 6th saff  cup,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,jai hooooooo,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Gopalghosh30

    i love my india ,,,,,,,,,,,, india will beat 
    Afghanistan by a margin of  5–0,,,,,,,

    • John_sahil2006

      Of course by cheating!

  • Barekzai

    I am so proud of my dear Afghans…..and enshallah when you snatch the cup, make sure you crack a few Pakistani skulls on your way home!

  • Afghans are going to win this Championship inshallah,bakhair.

  • oneloveAFG

    afghanistan janema!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Fardin001

    I love win in Afghanistan

  • Fardin001

    افغانستان دوستت دارم گشورعزیزم وتیم عزیزشرینم آرزودارم گشورعزیزم امروزقهرمان استن وشوندبه یاری خداوند وسلام های گرم خودراخدمت یوسف جان (کارر)وتمام بچه های تیم عزیزماتقدیم 

  • Kaihan_111

    we also wish that Afghanistan win this championship. if Afghanistan win, this would be a historic occasion.

  • Naimi900

    Afghanistan is the winner no doubt about it….god Allah bless my national team… 

  • Ahmad_sabri079

    I pray May Allah give our team the strength to win against india and bring joy for Afghan people.


  • Wais_waisy

    Just Afghanistan my love will win…

  • Best of luck Afghanistan!!!

  • Homayon

    Afghanistan is confident in WINNINGS.
    Allah keep them Win

  • Azizullah_khost20

    Inshallah Afghanistan will win this match from India. Afghanistan is now in good form. Afghanistan will be the champion of this SAFF Champion INDIA 2011!

    • Zikria Azizi

       افغانستان باید این بازی فینال را ببرد

  • Com’on Nirnl da….we r wid u…..Bro-Pravesh