SAFF Championship: Skipper Sagar Thapa earns victory for Nepal


Had it not been the spectacular last minute goal off   the   boot   of   skipper   Sagar Thapa   it would have been another disappointment for Nepal in the ongoing SAFF Championship in New Delhi.

 The perfect   long   ranger   literally curved into the right corner of the net to   earn   Nepal a well deserved   victory. Incredibly, a fantastic goal to remember for a long time. With this important win Nepal   finds   herself in the brink of qualifying to the last four.

 For the second   successive match Nepal dished out a dominant performance. The   boys   came out firing on all cylinders and   seemed   determined to carve out a victory. Not only   did   they   tackle the physically superior opponent   deftly   but gave them a run for their money all the way to the end.

 Speaking of Bangladesh, I expected a much better performance and thought they would come out strong against us. Once again   organized and confident play by the defense and mid-field contributed to our   fine performance.  The defense   spearheaded by   Sagar    defended the citadel   brilliantly.  Apart from keeping the opposition at bay, they   constantly covered extra yard.

 Though   nearly   not effective as in the first match the mid-fielders did their job, by and large.   Another lackluster and uninspiring   showing, however, by the offense   raised my eyebrows. It is time they step up and end the mediocrity.

 Ace striker Anil is yet   to justify his talent, and Jumanu and Santosh have not shown   hunger to score goals.  Anil   guilty of    missing   a couple of sitters   got to thank   his captain for saving his day.

They need to reinvent   themselves   before it is too late.   In clutch   matches we cannot afford to let scoring opportunities go begging by. Let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for their next outing.

 In our last group match against the physically tough Pakistan we cannot allow ourselves caught napping. Also it would be a blunder to take things for granted on our part.  Anything can happen.

 Although we are at the top of the group any scenario can unfold that may or not favor us. Remember, it has now turned into a horse race riddled with suspense and unpredictability. And   ultimately it might boil down to goal difference to decide who qualifies to semi-finals.

 I am pretty sure Coach Roberts is well aware about the intriguing situation. I know a draw can take us to the round of four. On the other hand, Pakistan will   go all out for a win.  Hence it is imperative that we play in the same rhythm and temperament.

 A defensive approach might not be the best ploy under the circumstance. However, I am confident that we can prevail at the end of the day.


  1. I think Nepal gonna win this championship because they got really good team than other have. India just sucked 

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