Densill Theobald move to Dempo: What happened?


There was a huge splash about high-profile move of Trinidadian World Cupper Densill Theobald to the former Indian champions Dempo SC, recently. But even after 2 rounds of play, Dempo does not have Densil to show. What has really become of the transfer? Let’s hear it.

Dempo are in a soup regarding transfer documents of Densill. When Dempo decided to move him to India, he was playing with the local club Caledonia AIA in Trinidad & Tobago. But, when the club officials were contacted for transfer papers, it became clear that Densill had no official contract with Caledonia AIA and was still ‘technically’ contracted with Hungarian side Ujpest FC. In that case Dempo would have had to pay huge transfer fee to the Hungarian side for taking Densill. Trapped in this awkward circumstance, Dempo appealed to FIFA committee for letting them include Densill in their team. But now FIFA has rejected the plea. So, Densill cannot play for Dempo as of now giving relief to the competing teams in I-league. However, Densill can be included in the team roster after the January transfer window. Till then, he is allowed to practice with the Dempo team.

Interestingly, Dempo are looking quite comfortable without his services. They comfortably beat defending Champions Salgaocar SC in their opening match of I-League 2011. Inclusion of Densill will make Dempo a powerhouse for sure, given he is in his peak form.

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