Caribbean Tour: Mehtab, Nabi to join late due to VISA issues


The Caribbean tour, which was on the verge of being cancelled has been given new lease of life, thanks to the AIFF president Mr. Praful Patel. The ongoing London riots were threatening the tour as the flight was via the Heathrow airport in London. But a quick response from the minister saved the tour. He contacted the Indian High Commission in London to ask for security of the players.

Now the players will take a new root by-passing London. They will reach Gatwick via Kolkata and Dubai. From Gatwick, they will reach Bridgetown with a direct flight.

But unfortunately, Mehtab Hossain and Rahim Nabi, who are key to the plans of Armando would not be able to go with the team. Their departure will be delayed due to VISA issues. They will travel to West Indies this Tuesday.

Armando wanted to take all the 27 players to the tour, but the AIFF allowed only 23. So he had to leave out Lalkamal Bhowmick, Jewel Raja,  Baljit Sahni and Denzel Franco

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