Des Bulpin loses his job as Indian Arrows coach


In another wish come true for INDIAN FOOTBALL FORUM members, Desmond Bulpin has been removed from his job even before the completion of his tenure at the AIFF as the coach of Indian Arrows which is a development team.

It was former coach Bob Houghton’s idea that the Indian Arrows will be formed to help create a pool of young Indian talents for the National team. And, to give it a shape, he appointed Des Bulpin, then Philippines coach and a close friend of Bob as the coach of the young lads. When IA was formed, many had written off the team saying it will be relegated straightaway. But showing great courage under the coach, they finished safe.

Des Bulpin had thus gained appraisal and appreciation from AIFF and was on his way to continue for a second term as part of the contract. But a wind of change swept Bulpin away along with Bob. For quite sometime now, Indian Football Forum members were demanding removal of all the English influence on the Indian players. They were fed up with the long ball play which was an eyesore and could not bring a single away win during 5 years’ tenure of Bob.

What looked like AIFF has ‘spied’ on the discussions and had taken cue from the fans, Bob was removed from his duties. But the problem was only half-solved as all the other grass-root coaches were Englishmen including Colm Toal and Des Bulpin. So, it was difficult for the youth to suddenly change their style after all that training!  In another dream come true for the fans, Des Bulpin has been removed from the coach’s responsibility and has returned home.

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