Patriotism comes first followed by Professionalism.


Okay, we all are disappointed with yesterday’s loss, but that is not my concern. My concern is when India (Asian) is playing against UAE (Gulf) team, why is it that the FIFA didn’t bother to check the referee’s nationality. The referee ‘Banjar Al Dosari’ belongs to Qatar, a team which India beat just 2-3 days back. The decisions are made by FIFA well in advance is your answer, but if they knew that Qatar was playing against India, why is that they chose to take the referee of the same nationality for the next match, irrespective of the results. The ‘Subrata Paul’ affair was nothing new in the world of football; we have seen such instance in top class football like the ‘El Classico’. FIFA has many referees from in and around the world, what made them choose Mr. Qatar (referee) for the crucial tie between the two nations. The results would have been different if 11 Indian players would sweat it out against 11 Arabs (UAE) till the final whistle. The way the Indian football team displayed their class on the field was extraordinary. I do not have much to talk or discuss about the issue as I am quiet disturbed about the whole affair. We’ll have to wait and watch for UAE to come to India for the second leg and we hope to display an excellent show for the Indian fans to cherish.

I am not sparking any controversy or disrupting the national ties between the two nations, but what was displayed on the Football Field was – Patriotism comes first followed by Professionalism. This statement perfectly suits both the nation India and Qatar. Sorry for being so direct.





  1. I still do not understand, why fifa did not appoint a neutral ref, a man from china, japan or malaysia. Why did fifa appoint a middle eastern man to be a ref for such an important game. There is a lots of blame on corruption on qatar winning 2022 world cup, beating england. it is unthinkable but happenned infront of david beckham and prince william. middle eastern countries shouldn’t be considered as asian, coz they are not and fifa should watch them. two red card…in succession, the first out of reach self induced fall, it is not a red card and second, a charging forward collision with keeper are just verbal warning. the ref has been bribed for uae to win. the team is better but india can give a strong fight. middle eastern robbed india.

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