This is How Luis Suarez Bite Made This Norwegian Richer 200 Times


Norwegian gets rich Suarez biteLuis ‘The Biter’ Suarez bitten his way into some serious trouble, literally, but he has got someone in far-off Norway to thank him for his canine talents.

This Uruguay striker had everything going in his favor in the FIFA World Cup and everybody was talking highly of how he fought grave injury to lift his team at a crucial juncture when they faced exit from the Brazil 2014 World Cup. And suddenly, he has brought a lot of disgrace to himself by puncturing several holes into Chiellini during last night’s match against Italy.

While a lot of Suarez fans had faith in the superb scoring abilities of Suarez, this lucky Norwegian had all the faith in the world on his canine tendencies.

A Norwegian betting website was offering heavy returns (1:175) on the possibility that the Uruguay striker may bite someone during the world cup.

The Norwegian guy did bet 3 GBP, believing that Suarez would definitely bite someone or other in the ongoing tournament and he did not have to wait for too long. When Suarez transformed into a beast last night, his 3GBP was multiplied almost 200 times to more than 500 GBP.

Now while Suarez awaits anxiously for the decision by the FIFA disciplinary committee, someone is laughing his way to the bank. The only thing troubling him would be, why did he not bet more.


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