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Nepal football

Unholy nexus between corrupt officials and FIFA threatening Nepal Football future

After much suspense and drama, President of All Nepal Football Association, Mr. Ganesh Thapa was finally forced out of office for two months while authorities investigate him for possible embezzlement of funds and abuse of office powers. Now the...

Mohun Bagan and East Bengal Fans troll Goenka

Sanjiv Goenka's earlier made comments that Atletico De Kolkata is most popular club in Kolkata he further went on to say "Every city has one team then why should Kolkata have two teams" when asked about the merger His comments didn't...
Bengaluru FC with I-League trophy

Champion’s Parade – From Barcelona to Bengaluru – A personal experience

As Bengaluru FC won this season's I-League, captain Sunil Chhetri,  defenders Gurtej Singh and Manpreet Singh became three players to win back to back I-Leagues as they were a part of the defending champions Churchill Brothers' squad last...
Messi golden ball controversy

Five Most Shocking Football Stories of 2014

2014 was a great year for football, but it had it's share of controversies as well. We have compiled the 5 most controversial footballing news of 2014. Are they same as your's top 5? So, click the next page...
Mohun_Bagan Team List 2014-15

Traveling Fans from Mohun Bagan humiliated in Goa

Talking about fans in Indian football, esp., in the I-League, is a tough business. However, even with all its mediocrity, some clubs do have the great fortune of getting some attendance from time to time. But away fans? Well...ummm...sometimes we...