I League 2011-12: Pailan Arrows will not get relegated


In a step taken to ensure that the youngsters get to play in top division league regularly, Mr. Praful Patel has decided that Pailan Arrows would be provided a shield against relegation, thus ensuring that they will come back for the next year I League even if they end up in the relegation zone.

Praful Patel took this decision in the AIFF working committee yesterday. This was done because the clubs did not release the loaned Indian Arrows players. Mr. Patel says that the idea of keeping Indian Arrows team is not to make them I League Champions but to give them proper exposure and regular match practice which will help Indian football. But frustrated with the attitude of the clubs, he has taken this step.

There are certain hurdles in making this rule work. If I league is aiming for a professional outlook, then this sort of protectionism will not be allowed. Also, it remains to be seen how the clubs, mainly those with small budgets deal and react to the situation.  Thirdly, Pailan Arrows now being privately owned, it will be an ethical issue if they are given extra privileges.

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